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Disruptive technology that generates profit

The correct implementation of new technologies in our business model will allow us to have a temporary gap, where we will be able to obtain a greater benefit associated with the company’s operations.

Currently, we provide companies with the disruptive technology, necessary to be a pioneer in the adoption and implementation of these services. For this, it is a necessary condition that the technology departments and the different Business Lines work in a coordinated manner, so that the technology is assimilated and extended by the organization, guaranteeing a visible Return on Investment not only in the long term, but also in the short term.

Therefore, at Fervimax we contribute to help companies in the digitalization of their companies, working together with our international partners in the implementation of their products and solutions within cloud, cybersecurity, automation of air process and big data environments.

Did you know…

That thanks to strong commercial alliances, we optimize the collection of data, its positioning and reputation in the network, the cybersecurity structure and the information processing through bigdata or the implementation of drone operations to identify new business opportunities.

Our Fervimax Intelligence Services

We have four service areas that will help you improve your processes and make decisions for your company with greater security.


Data Collection and Processing

Make decisions faster and more efficiently thanks to the information we provide you through our Big Data services. Never before has it been so easy or fast to handle so many variables at once.


Secure and efficient Cloud Environments

Cloud environments favour the productivity and mobility of companies. But if the information stored is not secure, it can turn against organizations. Discover our solutions to keep your organization safe and in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.


Online Reputation Protection

Today we are exposed to having a negative or inaccurate digital reputation. We help you position your brand and manage your presence through digital channels and defend it against possible negative attacks.


Artificial intelligence at your service

Automation when making decisions and collecting and processing information are two factors for the success of companies in the future. Discover how Fervimax can help you implement these actions in your organization.

Existing infrastructures and Security-related issues are sometimes perceived as two of the areas that may jeopardize possible IT investments. Both are fundamental pillars of the success or failure of these initiatives, that is why both technology providers and the end user of these solutions must put special focus on ensuring that both aspects are perfectly covered.