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Robotic Process AutomationRobotics has transformed small businesses across the globe through an innovative combination of technologies.  For decades, large businesses like General Motors have been investing in automation to maximize their revenues. The earliest known robot used to facilitate business was Unimate — a robot used by General Motors in the early 1950s. Back then, robotic process automation was an expensive service that only large businesses could afford. With time, this has changed, and robotic process automation has become more affordable and is being embraced by small businesses as well.


Currently, small e-commerce businesses to national defense forces — every business and every sector is focused on automating tasks. However, doing this requires professionals with high expertise and that’s exactly what we offer. Fervimax helps businesses choose, implement and test the right automation model that makes their business more efficient. As a result, our robotic process automation for small businesses helps identify the trouble areas and automate them. So, whether it’s cost reduction, speed, improved efficiency or something else, we help businesses achieve their ultimate goal.


What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation for small businesses is the process of using software and hardware or software only in order to achieve the desired results. The entire process revolves around automating monotonous and repetitive tasks that are adding up to the costs of running your business. We do this by studying your current business processes, understanding your IT infrastructure and then drafting the right robotic process automation plan for you. Depending on the size, volume and nature of business processes, you need to choose the most suitable automation model. By choosing the most appropriate one, businesses can reduce their overheads and improve productivity.


Robotic Process Automation for Small Businesses

From automated logistics vehicles to order management, every process can be automated by choosing the most suitable and financially viable robotic process automation model. The ability to do so through reasonably priced robotics services have revolutionized the way in which small businesses carry out their operations. Moreover, robotic process automation for small businesses ensures performance improvement, cost savings, and optimum utilization of the organization’s existing resources.


Once you have decided to make use of robotic process automation in your small business, then the next step is to choose the most appropriate automation model. This can be a wee bit tricky, but Fervimax and it’s Robotic Process Automation Experts can help you choose the right one based on your business processes. Let us now discuss some of the most sought-after robotic process automation models that are ideal for small businesses.


Choosing an Automation Model for your Business

Once you have decided to automate your small business, the next step is to identify your high-cost processes and choose the right automation model. You can then choose one of the below listed Robotic Process Automation models or contact our Experts to do that for you. With years of experience in Robotic Process Automation for small businesses, we can provide you with end-to-end automation solutions.


When you approach our team, we begin with a complete assessment of your core business processes. Once we have identified the trouble areas, we then discuss the same with you. At this point, you may raise your concerns, if any, or confirm the business processes that you want us to automate for your business. Depending on the complexities involved in those processes, we then break down complex tasks into smaller ones and automate them using the right technologies.


Primarily, there are three robotic process automation models that you can choose from, depending on your business requirements. Let us now briefly discuss each of the three, so that you know how robotic process automation can benefit your small business.


Agent Augmentation

Most small businesses combat high labor costs incurred on repetitive, manual, structured and logical tasks. For example, when an e-commerce company receives an order, that needs to be converted into an invoice and emailed to the registered e-mail ID of the one who has placed the order. Doing this might take an agent around 15 minutes and requires the business to deploy several resources in order to manage the thousands of orders that they receive on a daily basis. On the other hand, it requires only a minute for the automated software to complete this task.


Intelligent Automation

Depending on the nature of your business, you may choose Intelligent Automation, which is a robotics automation model that combines the power of sophisticated applications and innovatively designed hardware. Intelligent automation can be used to do everything from floor cleaning to flipping burgers, as in the case of Flippa. This is a more complex robotics process automation model than the agent augmentation and is best reserved to minimize the costs involved in running expensive processes. Currently, the food and restaurant industry uses this automation model, which works out extremely well due to the dearth of employable resources in that particular industry.


Virtual Workforce

The most common picture that comes to the mind when you hear the term Robotic Process Automation is  the Sci-fi movies with robots doing all the work. Now that’s more specifically referred to as the virtual workforce, which may or may not be ideal for a particular small business. For example, delivery robots and drones are particularly suitable for large e-commerce businesses and food chains, as it helps them significantly lower their costs. So, based on the current costs that you incur, we may or may not recommend this automation model for your business.


At the very mention of ‘Robot’ the first thing that comes to the mind is a delivery robot or an automated vehicle, but that’s just a part of robotics that is more popular than the rest. A larger part of robotics involves coding and automating the User Interface environment of your IT Architecture. By doing this, robotics process automation for small businesses helps bring down the costs and maximize your profits.

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