In the past 11 years, we have been evolving to help our clients with their own growth.

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Transformation is the key for any business to survive. As the world evolves, we must change to meet the new challenges.

In Fervimax, we commit fully to your transformation and we have evolved to offer you new services that will lead your business to success.

At present, we articulate the center of our services in three different areas, which will be reviewed below.


Fervimax Intelligence Services

Technology is a great ally. However, if something goes wrong, it is vital to have an efficient and fast service that allows your company to continue operating normally. Find out what solutions we offer you in order to access the technology you need.

Currently, we provide companies with disruptive technology that is required to be a pioneer in the adoption and implementation of these services. For this, it is a necessary condition that the technology departments and the different lines of business work in a coordinated way, so that the technology is assimilated and spread throughout the organization, guaranteeing a visible return on investment not only in long term but also in short term.

That is why in Fervimax, we contribute to helping companies in the digitalization of their companies, working together with our international partners in the implementation of their products and solutions within the cloud environments, cybersecurity, automation of air processes, and big data.



Professional Services

To evolve, it is essential to have the best possible equipment. Talent is becoming a scarce resource. Our outsourcing and headhunting models will make things easier for you.

Companies around the world are embracing outsourcing increasingly through a wide range of front and back office processes to help transform their businesses. The reason, in addition to significant cost savings, is that the outsourcing of these types of services has become a lever to drive business growth and innovation.


Main benefits of outsourcing in PS mode for the client

– Cost reduction and manageability

– Production flexibility

– Quality assured through service levels

– Provider knowledge and capabilities

– Modularization and standardization of processes

– Reduced operational risk


An Agile and Safe Workplace

The days of teleworking have stretched into months, where domestic spaces that were quickly improvised are evolving into a permanent feature of many homes.

Technology has been shown to be an essential element for the survival of organizations. The vast majority of them have had to make investments in equipment, solutions, or services. All forecasts point to the fact that once the pandemic is over, more organizations will opt for teleworking. It is a great formula to gain competitiveness and save costs, but this is a complicated scenario to manage for those responsible for small and medium enterprises and even for the self-employed.

Having the best team is not enough. They must have the necessary tools to achieve success. In Fervimax, you will find your best ally, taking care of the whole process and in the best possible time.

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