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Teleworking, it was supposed to be days, yet it has stretched into months. Domestic spaces were then quickly improvised and evolving, making teleworking a permanent feature of many homes.

HP Impulsa offers freelancers and companies the necessary tools for teleworking from € 45 per month.

Since the pandemic has begun, many companies have seen their subsistence compromised because they were not fully ready for digitization. Suddenly, thousands of workers had to work from home, using equipment that was obsolete or did not have enough security measures to protect the company’s data.

Technology has proven to be essential for organizations to survive. The vast majority of them have to make investments in equipment, solutions, or services. There are a lot of forecasts predict that once the pandemic is over, more organizations will bet on teleworking. It is a great formula to become more competitive in the market while saving costs. However, for the managers of small and medium-sized companies, and even those who are self-employed, it is a rather complicated scenario to handle. To solve this problem, HP is now introducing the program, HP Impulsa. HP Impulsa is structured with a wide range of packages that include devices and services for both personal computers and printing. It also includes support to facilitate the administration of the remote work environment.

Thanks to the HP Impulsa program, a good experience is provided to employees who work remotely.

The new reality companies are now facing causes them to manage and support a great number of teams with the challenge of doing it all safely.

The basic structure of the HP Impulsa program is based on three points that allow workers to work remotely:

  • Configuration and provisioning of equipment for the start of the activity in order to optimize productivity and allow employees to gain more experience.
  • Proactive device protection, to shield your network and business assets from the security challenges of endpoint access to corporate infrastructure.
  • Proactive remote team, control and support for an IT department that works remotely.

Additionally, the proactive security service provides a multi-layered and managed endpoint protection solution that helps protect employees from cyber threats without the need to impose barriers to their productivity. This service monitors user activity from HP TechPulse is in real-time, which provides updated operational and threat information. It is also capable of identifying and isolating potential risks and anticipating a response from security experts. In short, the proactive security service is an alternative to reinforce endpoint security.

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