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The year 2020 began on a grim note with the world witnessing an unprecedented pandemic, which

is both life-threatening and highly contagious — a deadly combination that has led to a global recession. Despite all the grants and benefits offered by governments across the globe, the global economy continues to remain unstable. This is largely due to the fact that most businesses are experiencing a sharp decline in their profits.


While the larger businesses may have the reserves to bear the costs, the small and medium scale businesses continue to suffer. Some of these businesses have even rolled down their shutters and wound up their operations. If you do not want your business to be affected in such an extreme manner, then its time to plan ahead. You need to think of a long-term strategy and that’s where business process outsourcing comes in. Moreover, given the nature of this pandemic, it is unlikely to end soon and there is every possibility that something worse could come up in the near future.


At present, businesses need to be more competitive than ever before and the only way to do that is by minimizing your costs and maximizing your market share. Fervimax has provided countless businesses with a viable strategy to help them outsource their business processes and survive through these trying times. Let us now discuss some of the key benefits of hiring us to outsource business processes during the coronavirus recession.


Cost Reduction

A decade ago, outsourcing was much more straightforward than it is today. Nevertheless, it is as profitable as it was back then because it allows businesses to cut back on infrastructure and other operational costs. Moreover, if you make the right hiring decision, then you can considerably maximize your revenues and cover up the losses incurred during the coronavirus recession.


This involves identifying the right talent and negotiating profitable packages and it is no secret that you can negotiate better when you outsource business processes. The only problem is to plan your resources in the right manner and that’s where Fervimax comes in. With years of experience in planning and strategizing business process outsourcing, we have helped numerous businesses reduce costs and get back on their feet amid the coronavirus outbreak.


Improved Efficiency

When you start outsourcing your business processes then your options aren’t limited to a particular city or state. Instead, you can pick the best talent from across the globe for a much lesser package. However, it could be intimidating to spend weeks screening and interviewing professionals. This is where we step in and help speed up the process by handpicking the best talent from across the globe. At Fervimax, we have a large database of professionals with advanced technical skillset. This puts us in a position to quickly connect you with the right professionals who’d be willing to work for you without being on your payroll as full-time employees. So, you can be sure that these professionals would give their hundred percent to complete the tasks allocated to them.


Workflow Management

Most businesses shy away from outsourcing because of the complex workflow management that outsourcing demands. Especially, when it comes to highly technical projects that require the combined expertise of many professionals, such as designing an algorithm. The only way to overcome this drawback is by planning the workflow in a strategic manner and we can help you do that. Once you discuss how you currently manage your workflow, our executives will make the necessary recommendations.


Round-the-clock Employees

A key benefit of outsourcing is having people work for you round-the-clock from different time zones. This gives your business a competitive edge over your competitors as you can create deliverables much faster and look for more work. We can help you locate the best experts from the right time zones and economies.


Better Security

Cybercrime is at its peak and most businesses are concerned about outsourcing business processes due to the possibilities of security breaches. Although this is one of the major roadblocks in outsourcing business processes, you can overcome it with some forward planning. Our in-house cybersecurity experts can help you plan the right measures to exchange data through a secure environment.


From the abovementioned benefits of outsourcing business processes, it is evident that the key to surviving through the coronavirus recession is cost reduction and profit maximization. Although it may appear that the pandemic may end soon, it could take up to eighteen months for experts to find a conclusive vaccine. This could take down your business unless you start right away and strategically outsource your business processes. With a large pool of talent readily available with us, Fervimax can help expedite the outsourcing process.

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