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The year 2020 is all set to witness a massive improvement in internet connectivity and user experience, which is likely to boost IoT technologies across various industries. The 5th Generation of the internet or the 5G Network is already creating headlines for its ability to transform businesses across the globe.

If you wish to empower your business with this cutting-edge technology, then we would be glad to provide you with the necessary assistance. As a responsible service provider, Fervimax is all set to extend its capabilities to businesses across the globe to take advantage of it.

If you are not sure of how the 5G technology is about to transform your industry, then continue reading. No matter which profession you are involved in, there is every likelihood of a massive change in the near future. To answer all of your questions connected to this technology, we have compiled a comprehensive guide about all that you need to know about the 5G technology.

What is 5G Network?

The fifth generation of the internet or the 5G network is the most recent internet technology that promises faster response rates and accelerated download speeds. Presently, we make use of the 3G and the 4G networks, which take longer to download. For example, to download a 120-minute video using the 3G technology, it would take you around 26 hours. For the same video, the 4G would take about 6 minutes, but the 5G network would complete the task in 3.6 seconds.

How 5G works?

The 5G network is a software-defined network that offers higher capacity and allows the user to custom-design his or her needs. This is made possible through network slicing, which provides a more personalized experience and allows the users to get exactly what they need. Fervimax professionals can advise you on precisely how to plan this according to your business and its requirements.

A Snapshot of what 5G can do

We are extremely excited about this upcoming technology, which would take Robotics and AI to the next level. With high-speed connectivity and a response rate that is four hundred times faster than the blink of an eye, the 5G technology lays the cornerstone for highly productive IoT infrastructure. By making use of these technologies, industries can reduce their overheads and deliver enhanced customer experience. Let us now look at how some of the industries are going to benefit from this technology.

Self-Driven Cars

Elon Musk is all set to roll out his fleet of self-driven cars in 2020, and while Tesla is at it, there are also others who would be doing the same. However, all credit goes to the 5G technology which makes it possible to stream high-speed data which is critical for navigational accuracy. Also, it enables the entire program to function without any lag in response time.

Medical Devices

Medical care units across the globe experience a dearth of qualified medical professionals. As a result, this industry has been exploring ways in which it can extend its services to maximum patients with a minimum workforce. To deal with this situation, the healthcare industry currently relies on wearable devices and remote patient monitoring devices, which need to be closely monitored due to the lower response rate.

However, this is going to change with the 5G network accelerating response rate and making the entire process faster and much more efficient than ever before.

With the use of the 5G network’s powerful internet connectivity, the healthcare industry would change drastically as more and more medical care units would make use of remote patient monitoring devices. Also, with the healthcare industry making use of technologies and data to detect diseases, it is critical for healthcare units to start making use of such technologies.

Dispatch Robots

At present, we do see delivery robots catering to certain regions, but this is likely to increase with the advent of the 5G internet connectivity. Currently, Amazon uses its delivery robots to deliver packages in Milton Keynes while Ford uses its delivery robots to deliver spare parts to its manufacturing unit located in Valencia, Spain.

With the 5G network, the use of dispatch robots is going to increase exponentially, as the network connectivity would facilitate this. In fact, according to Experts, dispatch robots currently operate in regions that have convenient transit options like the underpasses and the overpasses that exist in Milton Keynes. Besides Amazon, Alibaba and Domino’s are also working on their own fleet of dispatch robots.

The 5G network is going to play a pivotal role in making delivery robots more efficient with faster connectivity and response time. So, for your business to survive this stiff competition, you need to invest in technology. There are robots such as Deli, Nuro, and Marble that can be hired. If you are not sure about the best course of action, Fervimax can help you make the best decision.

Drone Delivery Systems

The reason for Amazon to stay ahead in the race and take over the retail market is its brilliant implementation of technologies. Unless businesses continue to improve their efficiency and customer experience, survival can be quite a challenge. So, unless you wish to develop your own drone delivery systems, you may want to hire Drone-As-A-Service from either UPS, Amazon, or Alphabet. Currently, these three companies have highly developed drones that have received the necessary approvals from the concerned aeronautical authorities. However, if you are wondering how to use this technology to stay ahead in the race, then we could help you out with that.

Besides the abovementioned, the 5G network is going to deeply impact several other sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, etc… by helping automate countless tasks and deliver better customer experience. So, if you run a business, then it is important that you gear-up and embrace technology before you lose customers and notice a decline in your sales.

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